Times are hard
For every little man
Reaching out
To feel a helping hand
Constant vigilance
Out to get
What I need
Watching out for those who like to bit the hand that feeds

No longer taking names
But I’m kickin’ some ass
Some things will never change
Till I’m running out of gas
I try to keep some faith
In all that I’ve got left
I’m pushing against those odds
I’m a monolith

Preaching truth
To those within my realm
Guiding the ship, that is my world
I’m at the helm
Sanity remains
Got it all together now
Built like a brick shithouse
Not one for backing down




from Spirit Of Tradition, released February 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Vermilion Whiskey Lafayette, Louisiana

Hailing from South Louisiana, Vermilion Whiskey is a working man's band, steeped in whiskey fueled Rock-N-Roll tradition. VW lives for the thrill of the stage, no matter the crowd size, you will find 101 proof Vermilion Whiskey. Where the good times roll, they can be found, sharing their own brand of hard-nosed rhythms with any and all who liVe to pass a good time! ... more

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