Spirit Of Tradition

by Vermilion Whiskey

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Spirit of Tradition is an assault of classic southern riffage that feels as good as it sounds. Devoid of frills and to the point, this album is a collaboration of the minds; capturing VW's ever-persuasive blend of rock and metal with just the right amount of underlying depth and grit.


released February 17, 2017

All music written and produced by Vermilion Whiskey
Recorded at 10 South Productions and Leap Studios Lafayette LA
Mixed by Kent Stump of Crystal Clear Sound DFW TX
Mastered by Tony Reed of HeavyHead Recording Company WA St
Artwork by Mike Calhoun of Sketchy Intuitions DFW TX
Released by 10 South Productions Lafayette LA
©2017 All Rights Reserved 10 South Productions Lafayette LA



all rights reserved


Vermilion Whiskey Lafayette, Louisiana

Hailing from South Louisiana, Vermilion Whiskey is a working man's band, steeped in whiskey fueled Rock-N-Roll tradition. VW lives for the thrill of the stage, no matter the crowd size, you will find 101 proof Vermilion Whiskey. Where the good times roll, they can be found, sharing their own brand of hard-nosed rhythms with any and all who liVe to pass a good time! ... more

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Track Name: Road King
My mama used to say
Turn that music down
Every time she’d walk away
I turn it way up loud
I feel like I was born this way
Feel it in my bones
Now I’m livin’ every day
So far away from home

On the road
I am the king
Of my own
Of everything

Forever switchin’ gears
Always on the run
Livin’ the last several years
Just followin’ the sun
After all, the world is round
Never see the end
Just when you think I might stay
I run away again

On the road
I am the king
Of my own, of my life
Of everything
I will roam, I will stray
I will grow, who needs a home anyway

Who needs a home
Wheels keep turnin’
I’ve been learnin’
Constantly yearnin’ for the road
Never slowin’
Keep on goin’
Livin’ like a rollin’ stone

Who needs a home
Who needs it

Livin on the road
Track Name: The Past Is Dead
Back in the day
Things were much easier
It’s all a haze
I won’t forget who I am

Won’t forget who I am

You dwell upon the past
You try to make it last
But I don’t look back
The future’s all I see
Stuck in reverse, on down the line
Only remember the good times
Nothin’ wrong with change
I’m where I want to be, yeah


You told me once before
You wanted nothing more
But to get fucked up, piss your life away
At the time I felt the same
A time to work and a time to play
Some sacrifices, just have to be made, yeah


The dreams you had when you were young
Replace them
With things that show how far you’ve come
Inside you
The past is dying underneath
Around you
What makes you who you want to be

Who you want to

Track Name: Come Find Me
Come find me
I’m falling
Into the arms of another world
Come find me
If you will
Take your time, I’m fading slow

There is a place within us all
Where faces stare down from the walls

Pass by me
I’m crawling
My hands and knees are blood and dirt
Come find me
If you will
Take your time, I’m laying low

There is a place within us all
Where faces stare down from the walls
At me
And all my foolish things
Yeah, come find me

Caught between
A rock and a hard place
Wipe the blank expression from my face
Breathe in
I land on my feet
Breathe out the woes of yesterday, yeah

I’m falling down
I’m laying low
Yeah, come find me
Track Name: Monolith
Times are hard
For every little man
Reaching out
To feel a helping hand
Constant vigilance
Out to get
What I need
Watching out for those who like to bit the hand that feeds

No longer taking names
But I’m kickin’ some ass
Some things will never change
Till I’m running out of gas
I try to keep some faith
In all that I’ve got left
I’m pushing against those odds
I’m a monolith

Preaching truth
To those within my realm
Guiding the ship, that is my world
I’m at the helm
Sanity remains
Got it all together now
Built like a brick shithouse
Not one for backing down


Track Name: One Night
Can I buy you a drink
Or have you had enough
Said do you want another drink
Or have you had enough

What’s your name little thing
I’ve seen you here before
I like the way you do your thing
Swear I’ve seen you here before
I’m not tryin’ to take you home
But I live right down the road
Down the road

Let’s go down to the water’s edge
For a night, I’ll never forget
We’ll take our time,
You get yours and I’ll get mine
Can’t wait to do it again

I woke up the next mornin’
She done hauled ass out the house
She never gave me no warnin’
She never made a sound
I said damn I must be dreamin’
Drank all day and cried
Said god damn I must be dreamin’
I drank whiskey and I cried
Oh, I cried
When I looked out from my front door
I saw her comin’ up the drive
Comin’ up the drive

We went down to the water’s edge
For a night, I’ll never forget
We took our time,
You got yours and I got mine
Can’t wait to do it again

Do it again
It’s the boss ya’ll

We can take it slow
I ain’t got no where to go
Said I’m down till the early mornin’ now
One more time mama gimme some more, whoa yeah

Track Name: Loaded Up
I bought a hotrod with my last paycheck today
Big block Chevy, down to the levee
With some girls that wanted to play
Not worried bout 9 to 5,
Do what I do best
No dead ringer
Big middle finger in the air
Said fuck the rest, yeah

And when you wake up
I’ll already be gone
No offense to you my friend
I rise before the sun

These parish lines go by
Like margins on a page
Words for faces
In the low places
And the girls all play the same
Stoppin’ where the good time roll
Drinkin’ and feelin’ fine
Call for a good time, yeah

I rise before the sun

I rise
Loaded up for another ride
Hit the gas and I crack a smile
Hair of the dog and I’m on my way
By second gear I’ll be down the road
Where I’ll stop baby no one knows
So save my number for another day